Tattoos for Women
Religious tattoos are designed to convey devotion to a woman's faith, and many see it as a way to idealize there devoutness in the form of an image.

There are many examples of western religions in tattoos. Moral and righteous tattoos are seen in angels, crosses, praying hands and images of God and saints. Crucifix's are always a classic depiction. A crucifix is Jesus hanging from the cross with a crown of thorns and usually done in color and sometimes in black and white. Religious tattoos often contain quotes in Latin such as Nosce Te Ipsum or know thy-self, women also take direct quotes from the bible or simply state the location of the book in which the verse can be found i.e. Psalms 14.44 . Other women prefer to use the image of the Virgin Mary. Her expression is often yearning or sad, and her arms set apart in a greeting fashion, sometimes however, she is depicted holding a sacred heart. Rosaries are also becoming more widely seen and are done beautifully realistic and usually represent a woman's devotion to the Catholic faith.

In eastern religious tattoos, a Buda or Buddhist wheel seems to be the most popular among women. They are said to represent the cycle of life. Another popular choice among females is the endless tying knot. This symbol is meant to show wisdom, compassion, and enlightenment. Women also like to include vibrant colors with very intricate designs. Eight favorable shapes or symbols drawn together are considered extremely lucky in the Buddhist faith. There are also several other design symbols that can be used in this style of tattoo art; including idols, a man in prayer, and golden offerings.

Religious tattoos with an Asian influence are some of the most frequently seen. The Symbol of the Aum, is one of the most important representations. It's represented in three words; preservation, representation, and fulfillment. The rising Phoenix and Lotus are the other influential emblems that represent beauty and re-birth. The re-birth is the most important part of this symbol as it said to free ones soul.

This barely touches all of the religious tattoo possibilities. Every religion has symbols that represent the faith, all have their own style and beauty. I encourage any woman considering a religious tattoo to do some research and have patience. Doing so will certainly pay-off with the perfect style, and expression of your personal commitment.






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