Tattoos for Women
Ribbon tattoos usually always have some sort of association tied to them. Color plays a critical role with ribbon tattoos and the color also greatly determines the meaning to the wearer. Most girls choose pink ribbons which have a connection to breast cancer and being a survivor.  

Other popular ribbon choices include yellow, which is generally associated with supporting the troops and fighting heart disease. Red ribbons that show that you are taking up the battle against HIV and AIDS, and a blue ribbon is a symbol of child abuse. Other designs for women include white ribbons, which represent right to life, and non-violence against women, while choosing black says you are in a state of mourning. No matter which colored ribbon you decided on, make sure and do your research to find one that best represents what you want to portray. There are literally hundreds of ribbons with hundreds of different meanings. A personal feature I like about ribbons tattoos is that they can be small or big and placed anywhere, and always make a bold statement.

A ribbon tattoo can make a lion like assertion into a conversation and drum up feelings at just about any occasion. Whether shown outward or hidden, your ribbon will never be forbidden.

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