Tattoos for Women
The Rosary tattoo is deep with faith and is becoming a very popular design for girls of all ages. The Catholic Rosary is a chain of prayer beads with a crucifix or cross at the end representing Jesus. The meaning of a Rosary tattoo is to help women remember certain major occurrences on their way to eternal salvation. Eight different prayers are said in concession around the beads to help strengthen your appeal with God.

Most Rosary tattoo designs are done as a simple strand of beads wrapped around a foot or lower leg with a classic cross displayed in plain view. Having a sincere faith in God is important, so showing this tattoo in a non-concealable location seems to carry significant meaning.

Rosary tattoos will always hold a message and be a treasured tattoo for a lifetime, salvation comes from within, but having this tattoo can help you thank God and praise him at the highest.

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