Tattoos for Women
Sagittarius tattoos are for people who are positive, and have extroverted and outgoing personality. This ninth sign of the zodiac is for anyone born between November 22nd and December 21st. The ancient Greek god and planet associated with Sagittarius is Jupiter, better known as the deity of the sky and thunder. Other traits associated with Sagittarius tattoos are honesty, confidence, and independence. Surveys conducted also show Sagittarius to be the most generous sign for helping people in their time of need.

The most recognized tattoo that represents the sign Sagittarius is the centaur with a bow and arrow, this design is made from connecting the stars of the stealer constellation in the night sky. The centaur is a mythological creature that is half horse in the hindquarters, and man from the waist up, symbolic of the beast’s untamed nature and personality. Other Sagittarius tattoo images include symbols such as arrows or bows or the letter S and the word Sagittarius written out.

Making a connection with your own astrology is a very popular way to express yourself and show your individual personality. Whichever Sagittarius tattoo you decide to ink onto your canvas is a personal choice and is reflective of your true nature represented in this great beast.

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