Tattoos for Women
Sailor tattoos are obviously popular for women and girl travel the world by way of the sea. Generally representing a love for the ocean and can also symbolize courage and bravery. Sailors of decades ago would get tattoos to fend off evil spirits and use them as a source of protection from death at sea.

Most often the images used in sailor tattoos are popular with the mainstream crowd, and include designs such as stars, birds, mermaids, pin up girls, flowers, and pirate ships/flags. The symbolism of sailor tattoos can carry a deep meaning entrenched in history and can reflect a broad spectrum of personality traits. Most commonly these designs are mean to be cute and sassy and show at hint of eroticism.

Sailor tattoos are not just for women who have a sea fairing career, but are embraced as part of the mainstream culture. Often women pick sailor tattoos without even realizing that its cultural roots that lay deep in sailing history.

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