Tattoos for Women
Samurai tattoos for girls represent all of the attributes a samurai would live their lives by. They embody honor, courage, physical and mental toughness, along with an UN-surrendering spirit.  Popular around the globe the Samurai tattoo design is seen as a bold, secretive and alluringly sexy image on the female canvas.

The most common version of a samurai tattoo seen on girls today is that of a portrait fashion. Usually done very large and adventurous these samurai tattoos take up entire areas of space on the skin, like the back or leg. Considered very art full these designs come straight from ancient illustrations of battles long fought long ago. Details reign supreme in these tattoos as elegant intricacies lay in the armor, helmets, and facial expressions surrounding the warrior. Action shots with specific aspects of the samurai also can adorn these tattoos with a detail unseen in others. Asian art and mythology draw heavy here and it’s not uncommon to add other inspirations from the Japanese culture.

Samurai tattoos are an amazing way for girls to tell a story of who they are and what beliefs they hold close to their heart. Standing bold and brave the samurai can say a lot without using a word to describe who you are while showing the allure, beauty, and mystery of any woman.

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