Tattoos for Women
Sanskrit is the scholarly language of Hinduism and many of the phases from Hindu philosophers are very popular, and inking them onto you canvas is a hip new trend that is gaining a mainstream reputation.

There are many Sanskrit saying that you could use in your tattoo. I will list the most popular below, but with over twenty words in the the Sanskrit language options are limitless. Most girls like the statements a good deed is never lost, Ignorance is bliss, hard work is its own reward, and believe in yourself. Placement is usually on the forearm as almost always girls like to showoff and share this elegant writing and beautiful sayings with everyone around them.

When a Sanskrit tattoo is inked on a female canvas it brings on a sacred look that is very  exquisite and artistic and is not easily read by onlookers that see it. Left to interpretation there is a reason so many celebrities are getting this hot new, but old ink.
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