Tattoos for Women
Scorpion tattoos are generally seen on girls who have a potent or venomous side to their personality. Scorpion tattoos may look tiny and harmless and can even be done in a cute feminine way, but the hazardous side to this female persona most defiantly needs to be considered.

Most scorpion tattoos on women are done a fun friendly style but can still be recognized as a sensual and seductive image of alluring beauty. These poisonous creatures came in many sizes, shapes, and colors, but you will most commonly see them inked in their true form as small black tattoo.  Tribal styles are abundant here and can often offer add a greater meaning to the design by steeping it in tradition. Placement can be anywhere, but this creature likes to hide, and so it does on the canvas of most girls by placing itself in less conspicuous locations like the back shoulder or thigh.

Most girls flinch at the idea of a scorpion tattoo as it can be a frightening design, but for those who choose to show this poisonous side of their personality, they can be sure to intimidate and seductively allure themselves and onlookers alike to the rewards this predatory creature.

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