Tattoos for Women
Sea Turtle
Sea turtle tattoos are similar in meaning and design to their land turtle cousins. Presenting wisdom, stamina, and long life, sea turtles are one of the longest living creatures on the planet, and some can live to be over 250 years old. For girls these reptiles can also take on a cute, sexy, and fun appeal with their ability to be design into attractive and sassy images.

Deciding on with direction you want to take your sea turtle tattoo can more easily help you pick the design. Most are drawn small and green in an inconspicuous area of the body, with flippers spread outward and in motion, to express movement through the water. The design can be cartoon like, realistic, or tribal depending on the particular effect you are trying to express, most commonly you will see a cartoon or tribal style designs leaning more toward cute and fun. Often you will see other images drawn with sea turtles to express more emotion; some girls prefer to add coral reefs and rocks while others will place seaweed and cresting waves of blue water around the design.

Sea turtles have always carried a fascination and mystery. These reclusive reptiles that live under the sea will always be found on the female body as their age and wisdom runs deep with expression and undeniable hints of flirtation and sexiness.

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