Tattoos for Women
Seahorses are very beautiful and nothing on this earth shares a similar appearance with such style and grace. Women that have this tattoo are said to be images of charm and cleverness. This amazing creature is awe inspiring and turns the tables when it comes to female dominance. Women seahorses are the protectors and the men carry the young, with a total reversal of roles this tattoo can also show hints of female supremacy.

Seahorse tattoos are usually dazzling in design and take a realistic looking approach, others can be cartoon like with a dainty look, and there are also tribal styles bearing cultural significance. Choosing a design can be overwhelming with so many options to decide from, and placement can be molded to pretty much anywhere on a woman’s body.

Seahorse tattoos will always be a good choice for women, with rich meaning and a friendly calm demeanor, touched with hints of female dominance and grace this tattoo design will always bring on sound emotions.

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