Tattoos for Women
What can I say about sexy tattoos? I don’t know if sexiness is based more in your attitude and persona, and how you carry yourself, but one thing’s for sure, a sexy tattoo can certainly help you feel more sexy, and often the persona and swagger brought on by a sexy tattoo can give a woman the confidence to become sexier, so maybe it’s fair to say that they go hand in hand.

What I’ve noticed about sexy tattoos is that their placement is equally as important as the actual image, and deciding on a sexy design is a personal choice and has to accentuate your own features in an attractive manor. Sure, some tattoo designs are considered more sexy then others but where you place it and how you show it can be part of the allure and attractiveness. For instance, cherry and strawberry tattoo images have huge sexual undertones, but placement and how you choose to show them can be where the sexiness lies.

Have fun with your sexy tattoo, and make sure that it gives you the confidence become sexier, after all, isn’t that what sexy tattoos are all about?

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