Tattoos for Women
Shooting Star
Shooting star tattoos are a fun and sassy design for girl’s and usually represent luck and the desire for stardom, a woman who sports a shooting star tattoo doesn’t mind being the center of attention and generally has an over extroverted personality.

Shooting star tattoo designs are generally of a single star with swirling streaks or lines firing outward to show movement, often times other smaller stars will be placed around the main star to add more personality and amusement. Some shooting stars tattoos have tribal or religious roots but most are just fun and playful. Colors are generally bright and bold like the personality of the wearer, but staying with a black and white design still carries a classy look and feel. Try to be creative and unique with your star as they are a very popular design and you wouldn’t want yours to become part of a crowd.  

Shooting star designs are fun and exciting and they will always be a sexy and entertaining style. As the saying goes, place your wish upon a shooting star and let your desires run wild.

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