Tattoos for Women
Shoulder tattoos are extremely popular for women and girls of all ages. The smooth and sensual design of the shoulder makes it an ideal place for ink. Another reason shoulder tattoos are a favorite is because they are easy to hide in a profession or business setting but can slip out in a moment’s notice to showcase your flashy, fun, and sexy persona.

Shoulder tattoo designs are usually placed on the back, upper left or right shoulder blades with designs wondering to just about anything imaginable. With the shoulder being a large canvas for creation not many images have a problem conforming to the smooth surface. A shoulder tattoo is often chosen as the section identified for a first tattoo because of its easily undetected location. There are also front shoulder tattoos which are a little less popular then the back, mainly because of the more painful process of application around the boney areas of the upper front shoulder. However, this is a great place for showcasing your personality and I myself prefer the front shoulder as I can admire my own tattoo much more easily from the front.

The pictures below are of some great shoulder tattoo ideas, but whatever image you pick for yourself, know that a shoulder tattoo will carry an emblematic presence of self-persona and will everlastingly shine as a badge of individual personality.

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