Tattoos for Women
These detailed and intricate tattoos aren't for everyone as they can reflect an anarchist spirit and display rebellion. However, the history and symbolism behind a skeleton tattoo is rich in culture. For girls a skeleton is mainly associated with mortality and the cycle of life. Other meaning include death and destruction, but in reality the skeleton tattoo can have a variety of different meanings as varying as the person.
Skeleton tattoos over recent years have become favorable with females. Women tend to smooth out the design and add girly touches such as stars for eyes, bright colors, bows, and hearts. Sizing and shaping generally remain true to form as a mostly rectangle image that is easy fit just about anywhere on the body.

The fun thing for females with a skeleton tattoo is that it's easy to make major changes to the design to make it unique, and yet still keeping it rooted in history while adding a sexy flirty feel.
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