Tattoos for Women
Small tattoos are for those of us who don’t always want to show off or need to conceal their tattoo for social purposes. These are great starter tattoos as usually everyone starts with a small design. However, don’t think that just because you’re getting a small tattoo that you can’t show hints or your personality and display your sassiness on demand.

There are millions of small tattoo designs to choose from and deciding on yours is truly a unique experience. Many large images can be made small if you’re working with a good artist or you can do your own flash designs. Popular for women are butterflies, stars, flowers, hears, ladybugs and birds. Placement is equally as important as the design as deciding where you want to place it can represent your persona and personality along with the overall feel you wish to display. Fun areas are the foot and ankle, while more sexy and erotic areas such as the upper thigh or lower back can be shown in less formal occasions.

Small tattoos are just as fun and exciting as their larger counter parts and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Remember to pick your design and placement carefully, but know that a small tattoo can often lead to a larger addiction, as once you realize how fun a small tattoo can be you might want to start adding more pieces of art to your canvas.

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