Tattoos for Women
Females and snakes have never really gotten along, but their image and design endures as a symbol of caution, fertility, and healing, seen in the medical caduceus. Snake tattoos can go in two very separate directions, either being negative or constructive depending on the depiction. Choose to go mean, or stay cute and sexy, snake tattoos have many different options and can actually be a fun design.

Most women portray their snake as a realistic looking image, but others chose to go cartoonish or small and sultriest, also seen are tribal snake tattoos. Often snakes will be display with other designs or just a snake pattern will be used as exaggeration effect. Coloration's and sizes can be anything a woman desires, with a design this formidable and overbearing many different arrangements are suitable to the wearer.

Snakes have a rich history and date back as far as anyone can remember, and no-one will ever forget the Bible story of Adam and Eve, with the apple and the snake. Remember, females with a snake tattoo will always have this story looming over their design, as ones to be cautious of… hiss, hiss…

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