Tattoos for Women
Sparrow tattoos are a great design for girls and are rising fast in popularity. Sparrow tattoos having many different meanings depending on which part of the world you are in. Generally the bird represents hope and freedom and the tattooed image is said to carry a person soul into heaven, this meaning dates back to the early 1600s when sailors would get sparrows tattooed on their chests to guarantee that their spirit got to heaven even if their ships sank deep into the ocean.

The design and shape of a sparrow tattoo is usually small with rich lines and a rounded head. Elegant detail with vibrant bright colors play into the sensual undertone and the bird is usually placed in on the shoulder, upper back, or arm. This feathered friend can also be combined with other symbols such as stars or flowers to give a more sense personal meaning and identity.

Being that the sparrow is one of the only birds that mates for life, it’s a good choice for any female to know that a feathered friend will stand or fly by you through thick and thin.

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