Tattoos for Women
Sugar Skull
Sugar Skull tattoos extend very far back in history to ancient Mexico with day of the dead celebrations. These sugar skulls were made to commemorate and celebrate life through the process of death. Beautiful, fascinating, and charming is probably the best way to describe this tattoo, one of my personal favorites due to the amount of expression, history, and fun factor that is available with this particular design.

Sugar skull designs come in a verity of likeness based on individual preferences. However, most are kept colorful and light with brilliant shadings and chromatic coloration's that allow a woman’s respective personality to flow from the design. Full skulls and half skulls outlines can be used here just as portrait style picture can be with skull features painted onto a face. Colors are generally bright and vibrant but can also be dark depending on how you wish to characterize your internal reflection of you.

Considered by most, sugar skulls are a very feminine with all the elements of day old beauty, sexiness, and expression, these attention grabbing designs are a sensational way for girls to show who they are on the inside with a fun and sassy feel.

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