Tattoos for Women

Superman is an iconic symbol in just about every culture around the world. So it’s probably not a big surprise that so many people decide to sport a Superman tattoo. A Superman tattoo is a representation of power, strength, and ethical character. With only one known weakness (Green Kryptonite) he is always associated compassion for helping others. Many celebrities and sports figures choose this tattoo as a direct representation of themselves.

The most common appearance of a Superman tattoo is that of the signature S, or shield, which has been the emblem associated with the superhero since the beginning. Placement is usually on the chest or upper arm with a vivid blue and red coloration to depict this man of steel. Other people choose to make their Superman tattoo more portrait-like in a superhero type pose standing on top of a building or flying over a city. Also growing fast in popularity is a tattoo of Superman’s signature red cape with the letter S symbol shining on the back.

The tattoo image of Superman can invoke memories of youth and childhood as we all remember growing up and watching the last son of krypton. Having universal appeal as pop culture icon, the Superman tattoo will likely never grow tiresome.
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