Tattoos for Women
Swallow tattoos are a globally popular design but most play host to European canvases as its roots and lineage are set in Northern Europe. As time progressed the birds have pretty much become native to the entire Northern hemisphere and have migrated as far south as Australia. A person who wears a Swallow tattoo is said to be creative, passionate, and above all loyal, as Swallows are one of the only species of birds that mate for life.

First accounts of these tattoos showed up on superstitious European sailors who believed that these birds could take their souls to the afterlife even if they were buried at sea. Much has changed since the early days for Swallow tattoos as now they have gained mainstream appeal and are generally accepted worldwide as rare and tasteful tattoo design. There are around 14 breeds of Swallows with the typical Barn Swallow design probably being the most popular and showcased because of its beautiful vibrant colors and continuous long flowing lines.

With such a history of beauty and brilliance a swallow tattoo will always set itself apart by allowing the wearer to express virtues of dependable attraction with a lifetime of devotion to one’s self and others.
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