Tattoos for Women
A Sword tattoo is symbolic of honor, valor, and danger, generally worn by women in the Armed Forces.  Used as proctor tattoo, the sword can also be a powerful symbol of justice and can tell a tale of a lifelong pursuit of integrity.

Sword tattoos can be displayed in a verity of different ways and can actually be very unique. Usually never drawn alone, a sword tattoo can easily be displayed with other images to add more meaning and personality.  The most common depictions are of the sword and flame or sword and flower which signifies a rebirth or sanctification.

The sword tattoo can be applied to just about anywhere on the body and can come is just about any size or shape. Usually drawn facing downward in a stabbing motion the sword is one of the most universally recognized symbols is the world and has been around for centuries.  Attached to so many cultures the sword is seen in tribal art and religious symbols throughout the world and can be linked to just about any civilization in time.

Sword tattoos will always be a forcible choice on any canvas, and with options abound they can easily be made your own to give a chivalrous and virtuous appeal to any design.

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