Tattoos for Women
Taurus is the sign of the bull, based off of the Greek legend that Zeus king of the gods turned himself into a masculine bull to win over his queen Europa’s heart; this is considered a very courageous tattoo. The Taurus generally represents strong willed individuals with headstrong personalities. Anyone born between April 20th and May 20th carry this sign in correspondence with the stealer constellation of the zodiac.

The image of a Taurus tattoo can vary greatly and many people use different symbols to show this sign on their bodies. The most accepted and widely seen use of a Taurus tattoo is that of the bull, but making use of its personality can show who you are and how you should be perceived. For instance, displaying your bull raging with horns pointed forward in a charging like motion can tell onlookers to watch-out for your aggressive personality, or if you prefer a more passive and friendly approach you could place your bull resting atop a mountain with roses and flowers. Always wanting to be in charge, Taurus’ often decide to place their bulls in a commanding presence by having them looking over a landscape or down upon a heard leaving onlookers with the signal that you are Taurus and you rule the roost.

Taurus’ are always fighting a battle to be on top, but also prefer solitude and constantly crave to be mentally challenged. Rarely bored and never vulnerable, Taurus tattoos can mean many things and show different facets in your personality, so deciding on one that will be with you forever can be a challenging to say the least.

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