Tattoos for Women
Tiki tattoos are considered to be one of the most superstitious artifacts that you can have tattooed on your body. The history of the Tiki is rooted in Polynesian religion and there are literally thousands of types of Tiki’s that represent different gods or goddesses and provide different levels of protection from evil spirits.

The designs of most Tiki tattoos are of masks or small wooden figurines in a totem type form, inked in the style of the deity that you wish to represent. The art work associated with Tiki tattoos are very detailed, beautiful, and unique. Sometimes you see Tiki tattoos wrapped into tribal images and armband designs. With over four thousand different carved images found around the world, choosing a personal Tiki to represent your personality can be a very fun and exciting experience.

Expressing your identity through a Tiki tattoo is an interesting way to associate with the Polynesian culture and protect yourself from the super natural.

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