Tattoos for Women
Tinkerbell tattoos are a very popular design for women and represent fantasy and a playful spirit. Every girl remembers watching Peter Pan as a child and being mystified with this magical cute little fairy that could make the impossible happen. Tinkerbell has become an enduring childhood memory for most women and her tattoo is a legacy of that innocence.

Most of the Tinkerbell tattoo designs don’t stray to far from the original image that we all remember, illustrated with soft features, blond hair, bright blue eyes, and translucent wings wearing her classic green dress. Sometimes other images will be drawn with Tinkerbell using the same theme that demonstrates magic and a youthful spirit.  

For girls that wish to show more emotion in their Tinkerbell tattoo, they can easily play with her expression and posture. Sometimes she is displayed pouting with a sassy look and standing with her legs crossed, or could be seen sitting with a caring outward expression. Often Tinkerbell is presented waving her magic wand to let everyone know that anything is possible.

If you decide on a Tinkerbell tattoo, please remember to exemplify your nature in the fairies expression and mannerisms, this way charisma and individual identity will always shine through.

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