Tattoos for Women
Traditional tattoos have many definitions but the most popular are rooted in American history and have meanings dating back to the early 1900’s when tattoos started to come out into the forefront and were no longer seen as taboo. Girls usually choose this style for its pure creativity, beauty, and everlasting worldwide appeal.

This style of tattoo is very distinctive and recognizable for its bright colors and striking bold lines. These tattoos are simple in design and holdup extremely well over time, hardly ever needing to be touch-up, and without having the fine details associated with more modern designs, traditional tattoos have universal appeal. The tools of the tattoo trade became more defined in the early 1900’s allowing artist to dig deeper create many beautiful pieces of art you see today. The most common designs of tattoos in the traditional style are as follows: ships, stars, anchors, skulls, pin-ups, hearts and roses.

Going traditional with your tattoos will allow you to tap into the roots of yesterday and perhaps allow you to look into the future via the past. Attaching yourself to these bold designs will fold you into the history that they represent.

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