Tattoos for Women
Tree tattoos have always held a sense of beauty and mysticism for women, and are said to be symbols of detachment, strength, wisdom, and life. Myths of legendary trees have been around for thousands of years, standing the test of time in solitude and amongst great diversity; trees have seen change and stood through it all.

The most popular tree tattoo design for women is that of the oak tree, strength, wisdom, and life gleam heavy within this magnificent timber, and with a life span of over five hundred years they can be a beacon mental stamina for any woman that wishes to lay this amazing design upon her skin. Most are drawn in a realistic style with plodding dark shades of green or brown, with braches stretching outward and reaching to show the brilliance of the wearer.

Considered by most to be a mature design for women, you could even add a stunning landscape to play deeper into its meaning. It also isn’t uncommon to sprout cherry blossoms from the braches to reflect the softer side of the woman’s persona. Tree tattoos give a verity of options to choose from, and the natural allure of this graceful and magnificent tattoo will always be a welcomed choice for females of all ages.

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