Tattoos for Women
Unicorn tattoos represent creativity and imagination and have come to symbolize our own fantasies. Generally only seen on girls, unicorn tattoos are considered a very feminine design. The world that surrounds the unicorn is one of magic and dreams and this figure can often tell people that you long to exist in this playful universe.

Unicorns are based in many myths from cultures around the world. The tails from this magical creature suggest that it has a good nature and is selfless with a mysterious beauty and a single horn coming from the top of its head representing its neutrality.

Unicorn tattoo designs are generally depicted in two separate fashions, there is the realistic unicorn drawn similar to a horse with the exception of the horn, usually done in a portrait style design of the head with long features, shown in a happy mood, with a frisky expression. The other designs associated with a unicorn tattoo is of fantasy; this design is generally very expressive and captivates a feeling of serenity and peace and showcases the unicorn as a cartoon in a picture with other beautiful and fanciful art images. Color reigns supreme in this design and rainbows and fairy like creature are plentiful and can help add to the overall feel of the magical world.

There is something to be said about the raw beauty and purity in these majestic horned creatures, as the tattooed image of a unicorn can often reflect the characteristics of the wearer in a world of dreams.

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