Tattoos for Women
Vampire tattoos are a very sensual tattoo that generally represents, power, lust, desire, and everlasting life.  Vampire tattoos have risen fast in popularity due of all of the movie and TV shows based around these mysterious beings.

Designs seem to be based around many different types of styles of vampiric symbols. Most commonly you will see bit mark tattoos, images of Dracula, bats, and ghostly figures with fangs coming out of coffins. Rarely are vampire tattoos displayed alone as there are many different effects that add to the vampires’ presents, such images include, full moons, howling wolfs, slumbering women, skulls, and flocks of fanged bats. Sometimes vampire tattoos will fall into the realm of Gothic or pin-up images depending on the wears design.

Women that ultimately decide to patch themselves with these mysterious undead beings often feel an attachment with some of their primal qualities, or have a deep fascination with the myth surrounding vampires.  Always expressive and interesting, vampire tattoos always get a second look, and might even lead to a bite.

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