Tattoos for Women
Cleverness and imagination flow elegantly in vine tattoos. A representation of life, regrowth, and conformity with nature, these climbing plants are becoming a very attractive choice for women.

Vine tattoos generally have no set pattern, seen either as a solo image or clinging to another  design, they sprout seductively from anywhere on the canvas. Emotion gleams heavy on a vine tattoo and there are literally thousands of species to decide from. Ivy probably being the most popular, symbols boldness and independence, and choosing to add thorns or a flower blossom will help distinguish more individual character. Going with poison ivy tells onlookers to watch-out for the wearers underlying demeanor.

Along with design, color also plays into the portrayal of the personality, using purple or pink vines shows admiration and affection, while staying with the standard green is said to represent envy. With vines being able to describe so much, it’s easy to say that they will always have meaning and climb, creep, or crawl their way onto a woman's body.

Be mindful of the style of vine you choose, as different types of vines can drastically change the meanings. Most girls prefer to use the common ivy vine in there tattoo, with its classic long curling steams and flowing angles it adores the female canvas beautifully and comes in a variety of different color combinations. Beware of vines that have a darker undertone like the prickly hydrangea vines, or barbed Akebias, these vine tattoos can display a thorny or bothersome personality and can tell onlookers that they need to precede with caution. Vine tattoos are probably more frequently seen with other deigns or images but they can always blossom alone as a single inflorescence piece.

Vine tattoos will always have a place to creep on the canvas of any woman. Make sure to let your vine shine, whether it’s as small as a dime, or as big as a lime. Enjoy your vine tattoo!

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