Tattoos for Women
Virgo in the stellar constellation, is associated with the planet Mercury and is the sign for anyone born between August 23rd and September 22nd. This sixth sign in the zodiac generally represents people who are intelligent, critical thinkers, and strong headed. Virgo tattoos are usually feminine images, as it is the sign of the Virgin in Greek mythology.

There are many symbols associated with a Virgo tattoo so getting an understanding of all of your options can help you to pick something that represents your personality best. The most commonly seen image associated with a Virgo is the letter M, this glyph showcases all of the attributes of a Virgo within an easy and elegant character. Sometimes a person considering a Virgo tattoo will use the design of a virgin and ink a picture of a young girl or the Virgin Mary onto their canvas. Some plants are also affiliated with the sign including ferns, ivy, and certain flowers arrangements, these designs are undoubtedly appealing to the feminine nature of the Virgo. The planet Mercury is main star in the constellation is another expressive way to show your place in the heavens.

With Virgo tattoos having options under the sun, the decision will ultimately depend on an individual’s particular tastes and personality. Don’t let the Virgo’s pessimistic trait seep into your decision, as a Virgo tattoo will always have a place on your skin, just as Mercury will always have a place in the stars.

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