Tattoos for Women
Warrior tattoos for women and girls generally symbolize strength of character and a willingness to accomplish what needs to be done. These noble pictures often reflect the persona and personality of the wearer and justify the battles that they are fighting in their own lives.

Most often the warrior tattoo is of a realistic looking battle harden veteran from the Medieval or Viking era. Large weapons are often drawn with the warrior to emphases the battles that the wearer has fought and sometimes decorative armor and elaborate helms are used to express beauty and tough outer shelled nature. Generally very elaborate and detailed in design, warrior tattoos are captivating and awe inspiring images that can capture an onlookers gaze of hours.

Choosing a warrior tattoo will always remain as a statement of strength and power and show that you’re an aggressor and ready to strike at a moment’s notice. However, be advised that often these tattoos can also show an anti-social persona as the solo warrior is known to always go it alone.

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