Tattoos for Women
White tattoos are made to blend in with the body and can be very inconspicuous; more easily concealed then bright colored or black ink, white tattoos are raising fast in popularity. The look of a white tattoo is similar to a branded tattoo without the pain of getting burned, this makes them a great starter tattoo that can be exciting and showcase your personality.

If you decide to get a white tattoo often times your image selection can be somewhat limited by the natural neutrality of the white ink and they can often appear more translucent. More elaborate designs have a tendency to blend or blur into the skin, so more often than not, deigns are kept small and simple. Some of the most commonly seen white tattoos are word, lettering, or tribal tattoos, this is due to their non-complex nature and print like appeal. Another note worthy mention is that white tattoos sometimes don’t show up on darker skin and they need to be kept out of the sun as much as possible because they absorb the light and can dull or even fade completely from the skin.

Many of the things that make white tattoos more difficult also make them more alluring. Many tattoo artists won’t even do them because the white ink may get completely absorb into the skin, and that they can easily fade with exposure to the elements. But, if your body can take the white ink, white tattoos are often the most rare and attention grabbing of them all.

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