Tattoos for Women
Wolf tattoos represent independence and solitude for most women, with heavy influences from American Indians Tribes most wolf tattoos are steeped with mysticism and culture. Seen throughout Native American art, wolves are symbolic of guidance by moon light and a keen sense of perception. Great for women that wish to show their strong sense of intuition.

Wolf tattoos come in two distinctive designs, portrait or realistic looking styles, and cartoon like prints. Most women prefer to use the realistic approach for deeper significance and meaning. Often wolves will be displayed with other images such as a moon or wondering through a desolate desert. This tugs more on the emotion of solitude and a lost soul trying to find its way home.

Any woman that decides to choose this culturally rich design should study wolves in nature and lay claim to her roots, but, whatever the reason, a wolf tattoo will always carry a certain amount of respect no-matter which design or style a woman picks.

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