Tattoos for Women
Yin Yang
Balancing the Yin and the Yang in life is something that everyone strives to do, and showing this tattoo is reflective of that struggle. Based on an ancient Chinese philosophy the concept of the Yin Yang represents the differential between good and evil and their interlocking battle, always complete opposites and not existing without the other in this symbiotic relationship.

There is an abundance of ways to show Yin Yang tattoo and it mainly depends on your personality and what else you want else you want to tell onlookers about yourself, it also should be noted that with so many options this tattoo as risen very fast in popularity and very much a part of mainstream culture. The standard Yin Yang symbol is a circle with two tear shaped drops chasing each other, one done in black and the other in white, however, changing this symbol into a, heart, star, sun, flower, or animal is not uncommon and adds great depth and spiritualism to the design. With thousands of expressive options available your can surely pick something as unique as your personality.

Rooted deep in an ancient Chinese culture and interconnected and interdependent with the duality of human nature, the Yin Yang tattoo will always have a place in our lives.

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