Tattoos for Women
Women have always had a strong connection with the stars and astrology, and choosing a zodiac tattoo reflects that belief.

There are an abundance zodiac tattoo designs, as many different cultures and ethnology's embrace there place in the solar system. The most popular is the Latin or western style of zodiac which represents the twelve stations or signs in an annual cycle, each having their own meaning and corresponding figure.

Aries - Ram
Taurus - Bull
Gemini - Twins
Cancer - Crab
Leo - Lion
Virgo - Virgin
Libra - Scales
Scorpio - Scorpion
Sagittarius - Centaur or  Archer
Capricorn - Horned Goat or Sea-Goat
Aquarius - Water Carrier
Pisces - Fish

Other less common zodiac tattoo symbols take meaning from the Chinese, Greek-Byzantine, or tribal elements. Zodiac tattoos are a great way for women to reflect their individual personality and identity, having a birthday corresponding with the stars will always hold a significant meaning as it has since the dawn of time.

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